Terms of use of the digital library

Purpose of the library is a showcase for the universal culture and its main purpose is to make available for everybody the pleasure of the personal immersion in the history and culture of mankind.


The library's goal is to collect on the same site important works of the various stages of the evolution of mankind: history, science and technology, travel and discovery, arts and history of arts, literature, geography, exploits, philosophy, etc.


Content of the collections displayed on the library site

The universal library has no ideological purpose. The site does not endorse any school of thought, the content of the library is supposed to be completely neutral with regard to any ideological, political or religious debate.


We assume that a masterpiece written in a different era, commonly accepted as a historical reference, it is not supposed to violate any existing laws or hurt any of the modern world beliefs. As a result, the collections of the library are not supposed to be subject for controversies. Their sole purpose is to be references of the treasures of culture.


Our collections come from various sources and very different historical periods. It is comprehensible that text and images found in works published at a time when mentalities were very different from ours could unintentionally hurt the beliefs of some readers.


We cannot know the laws and customs of all countries, we do not guarantee to have analyzed the content of all the works displayed on the library site in order to make sure that the content is not likely to be offensive.


We do not guarantee that the content of the universal library is acceptable in every country in the world. The retrieval of information contained in the library is at your own risk compared to the laws of your country and your jurisdiction. You are solely responsible for the risks and consequences of the use of the library collections. If you feel affected in any way, please refrain from visiting the library site.


We reserve the right to withdraw any content that we believe abusive, such as incitement to hatred or violence, pornography, sexism, racism, discrimination of all kinds.


If you think that a material published on the site of the universal library has an abusive content, please send us an email at †providing us the following information:

  • the identification of the material supposed to have an abusive content
  • the location of the material on the library site
  • your contact information (telephone, physical address or email address) so that we can join you.


Sources for the Collections enrichment

We enrich the collections of the universal library mainly with content in the public domain and therefore free of Copyright and also with material sent by organizations or individuals who wish to participate in our effort to make available the treasures of the culture to everybody.


Material subject to Copyright is posted on the library site only with the consent of the owner of the intellectual property right, unless stated that a non-commercial usage is permitted.


We remind that the goal of the site is definitely non-commercial. However, sponsored links might be added to the site in order to ensure a minimum funding for the operating costs.


If you want to enrich the library collections, we will freely post your material on the library site if it complies with the terms of use described here. You must nevertheless abide by the laws of intellectual property (Copyright) or any other law that could protect the material you submit.


Access to the collections of the library

Access to the collections of the library is free for everyone.


Technical access to the site

Obviously, our goal is to ensure continuous availability of the library site. It depends however of the quality of service provided by the hosting company.


The information exchanged between the users and the library site transits through various technical devices: Web servers, networks, routers, switches, proxy servers, as well as the public networks for data transfer.


The number and the complexity of the technical equipments that carry the data can cause occasional accidental interruptions. We disclaim any responsibility for the technical operation of the site or for the occasional interruptions. The unavailability of the site does not offer the right to any legal action whatsoever.


However, the level of service provided by the company hosting the library site should not hinder the regular use of the Web site.


Copyright and Intellectual Property

The universal library respects the rights of intellectual property. At our discretion, we can remove from our collections any content that might infringe a Copyright or intellectual property.


By submitting a material to enrich the universal library collections, you agree to be solely responsible for compliance with the laws of intellectual property and you agree that we have no obligation to enforce them on your behalf.


We have no expertise in intellectual property rights. If you think that a Copyright has been violated by a material published on the Web site of the universal library, please send us an email at, providing us the following information: the identification of the material infringing the Copyright

  • the location of the material on the library site
  • your contact information (telephone, physical address or email address) so that we can join you.


We will withdraw the controversial content without any further comment, however regretting the misunderstanding that deprives potential readers of a valuable content.


According to standard practice common to the academic world, if you use the library collections for any research that results in an article, book or other publication, we ask you to specify the library as a resource in your bibliography.


Personal Information

All personal data you transmit to us is stored on the servers hosting the site of the library. It will never be used for commercial purposes. We use the personal information that you send us only to communicate with you.


It is possible that the personal information stored on the library servers be compromised by others, and it could be collected and disseminated without our knowledge by malicious programs. The companies hosting the library site are doing their best to avoid attacks against their equipment, using appropriate protection programs.


We disclaim responsibility and we are not liable for unauthorized use of the information collected from the library site.


By connecting to the library site, you agree not to use for commercial purposes any personal information you may have found.

Acceptance of the terms of use of the library site

If you do not accept the terms of present terms, we invite you to not return to the site. Your continued use of the collections and of the site implies your acceptance of the terms of use of the library collections.


Date : 20111005

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