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The lament for Eridug

(Sumerian text= , 3rd Millennium BC, University of Oxford translation, The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature)

A composite ve= rsion from Nibru

Segment A

(beginning of = 1st kirugu)

4 lines mis= sing

The roaring storm covered it like a cloak, was spread over it like a sheet. It covered Eridug like a clo= ak, was spread over it like a sheet. In the city, the furious storm resounded …= …. In Eridug, the furious storm resounded = ……. Its voice was smothered with silence as by a gale. Its people ……. Eridug was smothered with silence as by a g= ale. Its people …….

Its king stayed outside his city as if it were an alien city. He wept bitter tears. Father Enki stayed outsi= de his city as if it were an alien city. He wept bitter tears. For the sake of his harmed city, he wept bitter tears. Its lady, like a flying bird, left her c= ity. The mother of E-maḫ, holy= Damgalnuna, left her city. The divine power= s of the city of holiest divine powers were overturned. The divine powers of the rites of the greatest divine powers were altered. In <= span style=3D'mso-ansi-font-size:12.0pt;mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;color:windowte= xt'>Eridug everything was reduced to ruin, was wrought with confusion.

The evil-bearing storm went out from the city. It swept across the Land, a storm which possessses neither kindness nor malice, does not distinguish between good and evil. Subir came down like rain. It struck hard. In the city where bright daylight used= to shine forth, the day darkened. In Eridug whe= re bright daylight used to shine forth, the day darkened. As if the sun had set below the horizon, it turned into twilight. As if An had cursed the city, alone he destroyed it. As if Enlil had frowned upon it, Eridug, the shrin= e Abzu, bowed low.

1st kirugu.

It cried out bitterly: "O the destruction of the city! The destruction of the house!"

Its ĝišgiĝal.

A second time the storm destroyed the city, its song was plaintive. = …… was trampled. …… intensified the lament. It cut the lock from its main gate. The storm dislodged its door. …… It stacked the people up in heaps. …… on i= ts own destroyed it. It turned …… into tears. …… defiled ……<= /p>

1 line miss= ing

…… It distorted its appearance. …… It distorted its appearance. It circled its …… wall. It overturned its foundations. Throughout his city, the pure, radiant place, the foundations were filled with dust. It cast down its ziggurat, the shrine which reaches up to heaven, into a heap of debris. The loftiness of its elevated door-ornament, befitting a house, was stripped do= wn. It cut down the gate, its Great-Ziggurat-of-Heaven-and-Earth-Covered-with-Terrible-Awesomeness, its shining door, and it broke through its bolt. It ripped out its doorframe. T= he house was defaced.

2nd kirugu.

49. The destruction of Eridug! Its destruction was grievous.

Its ĝišgiĝal.

At its lion-faced gate, the place where fates are determined, it mutilated the copse forming the ornament of the house ……. Ka-ḫeĝala and Igi-ḫeĝala, the doorkeepe= rs of the house, ……. Prematurely they destroyed it utterly. They completely altered ……. At the gate of the uzga precinct, the animal-fattener …… the great offerings. Its birds and fish were neglected there. Destruction ……. Throughout his house, radiant in silver and lapis lazuli, tears …….

The hired man and the governor ……. The festivals …… grandly ……. Holy songs, songs of all kinds ……. The šem drum and ala drum ……. The great divine powers, all the divine powers ……. The place of the gods of heaven and earth ……. The judgment by the king, the holy sceptre at = his right side, ……. The en priestess, lumaḫ priest and nindiĝir priestess …….

The minister Isimud ……. Strang= ers to the house …… its side. Eridug, the shrine Abzu, …… silently. The enemy …… clea= nsed in a magnificent robe. …… a man …… the people ……. Along with the fluids spi= lled from his guts, his blood spilled forth. The ……, which like the azure sky was embellished forever, …… grasped …….

3rd kirugu.

2 lines fragmentary

Its ĝišgiĝal.

…… distressed and anxious …… like a pigeon …….

1 line fragmentary

The birds of the destroyed city …… a nest. The ukuku<= /span> bird, bird of heart's sorrow, …… the place. Pain ……. The area became entang= led in wild thornbushes. It …… wild thornbushes. The Šimaškians and Elamites, the destroyers, looked at = the holy kettles which no one may look at. In the House of Nisaba's Wisdom, the house of understanding, …… covered over ……. The divine powers w= hich embellish the Abzu ……. When the holy treasures stored in the treasury were put ……, when, like a mist lying heavily on the earth, ……, they went like small birds shooed from their hidi= ng places.

7 lines fragmentary4

unknown no.= of lines missing

Segment B

(continuation = of 4th kirugu)

Father Enki uttered a la= ment for himself …….

4th kirugu.

3. Bitterly Father Enki uttered a lament for himself.

Its ĝišgiĝal.

Because of this, Enki, king= of the abzu, stayed outside his city as if it were an alien city. It bowed its neck down to the ground. Eridu's lady, holy Damgalnuna, the faithful cow, the compassionate one, clawed at her breast, clawed at her ey= es. She uttered a frenzied cry. She held a dagger and a sword in her two hands,= they clashed together.

She tore out her hair like rushes, uttering a bitter lament: "Y= ou, my city whose woman does not dwell there, whose charms do not satisfy her, = where is a lament uttered bitterly for you? Eridug! You, my city whose woman does not dwell there, whose charms do not satisfy = her, where are tears wept for you? I fall like a bull in your lofty …… falls …….= I am ……. My heart …… queen ……."

(incorporating end of 5th kirugu= )

Segment C

(continuation = of 6th kirugu)

1 line fragmentary

…… far away …… the great gods. Lord Enlil, king of the lands, looked maliciously at Sumer. He demolished it. He destroyed the Ki-ur, the great place. He razed with the pickaxe all of the shining E-kur. He destroyed it but did not abandon it -- at the lunches, in his great dini= ng hall, they call his name.

Aruru, the sister of Enlil, destroyed = her city Iri-saĝ-rig. In Keš, the creation place of the Land, the people saw inside its holy sanctuary wh= ere daylight had been unknown. She destroyed it but did not abandon it,  at the lunches, in her great dining hal= l, they call her name. Lord Nanna, Lor= d Ašimbabbar, destroyed his city Urim. He decimated the Land with famine. He committed a sacrilege against the E-kiš-nu-ĝal= . He struck at its heart. He destroyed it but did not abandon it, at the lunc= hes, in his great dining hall, they call his name.

Inana, the queen of heaven and earth, destroyed her city Unug. Fleeing from the E-ana, the house = of seven corners and seven fires ……, she destroyed it but did not abandon it -= - at the lunches, in her great dining hall, they call her name.

(Damgalnuna speaks:) "My beloved, who has ever seen such a destruction as that of your city Eridug!"

6th kirugu.

"My beloved, for how long was it built? For how long is it destroyed? …… adornment of the Abzu."= ;

Its ĝišgiĝal.

"Lord Enki, who has ever seen such a destruction as that of your city Eridug? Who has ever seen such a misfortune as that of the shrine Abzu, your house?" No one goes up to his offering terrace. At the lunches, in his great dining hall, they do not call his name. Enki, king of the abzu, felt distressed, felt anxiou= s. At the words of his spouse, he himself began to wail. He lay down and faste= d.

37-44. My king, you must not be distressed, you must not= be anxious. Father Enki, you must no= t be distressed, you must not be anxious. Son of An, return your heart to your Ki-ur and = your attention to your city. Living in an alien city is miserable, return your attention to your city. Living in an alien house is miserable, return your attention to your house. What can anyone compare with this city? Return your attention to your city. What can anyone compare with this house? Return your attention to your house. Eridug's d= ay is long. Its night is over.

May your throne say to you "Sit down". May your bed say to= you "Lie down". May your house say to you "Be rested". May = your holy dais also say joyfully to you "Sit down". May your father An, the king of the gods, satisfy your hear= t. A person, a humble man, brings you a lament over your wife's faithful house. = When he sings it before you, may that person soothe your heart. When he recites a prayer, look kindly upon him.

7th kirugu.

It destroyed your …… and struck against your house.

Its ĝišgiĝal.

…… and may he restore it for you.

2 lines fragmentary

Do not hide like a criminal …….

A version from Urim (UET 6 142)

Segment A

House of princely powers, standing in mighty water -- the waters have receded from it ……. One can walk on its wide swamp. Within it grow wild tho= rnbushes. The delightful boat Wild goat of the abzu -- the waters have receded from it; …… its sheepfold …… the wharf. They wer= e Sirsir, the tutelary deity, and the man who rides the boat. At the prow …… was hurled down in front of them. Evildoers destroyed the house, and its rites were disturbed.

At the giguna shrine, the sacred house, evildoers ……. The E-unir -- the shr= ine raises its head as high as heaven. Its shadow …….

At the great gate, the lion-faced gate, the place where fates are determined, evildoers ……. They set fire to its door. <= span style=3D'mso-ansi-font-size:12.0pt;mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;color:windowte= xt'>Ka-ḫeĝala and Igi-ḫeĝala, the doorkeepe= rs of the house, ……. …… Enki, at the …… place, …… its people. …… the destroyed place, the Abzu …… the powers of the Anuna gods.<= /o:p>

3 lines fragmentary (continuation of 3rd kirugu)

Segment B

Eridug ……. City in the reedbeds ……. In Eridug, young bulls ……. Without being a marsh boar ……. Eridug, like a bull ……. The lady of the city cried, "My city ……!"

3rd kirugu.

Father Enki! O your hous= e, O your city, O your people …… the mountains.

Its ĝišgiĝal.

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